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Kasun Kalhara

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Kasun is an aspiring leader inspired by Servant Leadership and he actively practices servant leadership by thriving for other's betterment. He sees leadership as an opportunity to serve others. He is driven by passion, experience, and inspiration. Passion to help others. Experience from previous leadership engagement. Inspiration from exemplary leaders. "At the heart of leadership, lies servitude." His leadership journey has always been based on "success", the success of others. "Your success is my victory, your victory is my success". He has served two years as the National Welfare Offcier of CISA for the betterment of international students in Australia. Kasun is an entrepreneur, educator, advocate, social worker, and motivational speaker. His career passion extends to Technical, Industrial, Research, Academic, Managerial, Business, and Diplomatic disciplines. He works in various positions in different local, national, and international organisations. Kasun is a sky dreamer and he likes flying all around the world. He has been awarded as the Queensland Student of the year, the Best Higher Education Student Champion, the Best Student Volunteer, the Student Leader of the year, the Hero Person of the year, etc. Kasun has experience in advisory, policy-making and administrative levels across different governance schemes. He volunteers as a social worker and his personal attitude puts a premium on multiculturalism and offers equal opportunities to upgrade students' life-profiles. As he believes “Education is the global passport to becoming a global leader’’, he has a strong desire to put his fullest contribution for the academic prosperity of the tertiary students. With the belief of ‘altruism is the first while egoism comes the last', Kasun always showed a deep passion towards student affairs including workplace exploitation issues, welfare considerations, academic and career development. Kasun is a global citizen and he thrives to make the planet more equal. He has been known as a ‘Servant Leader’ and a ‘Global Citizen’. He identifies himself as a ‘Life Engineer’.

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