Varsha Devi Balakrishnan

Varsha Devi Balakrishnan

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"Any positive change is better than no change" Living by that motto, Varsha has served as both a vocal advocate and a changemaker in a diversity of social causes. From mentoring indigenous high schoolers upon entering university, to championing the rights of international students across Australia, and presently, counselling at-risk youth at Headspace, Varsha has been heavily invested in building up various communities. With service at the heart of each cause, she believes that even the smallest changes count towards progress and she actively partners with organizations to enact tangible change. With the strong belief of education and research as a gateway to reducing social inequality, Varsha’s educational background is one that is multidisciplinary. From doing a double major in international relations and communications studies, to her honors thesis analyzing terrorist recruitment via social media, a Master of International Development focusing on Gender, Peace and Security and currently a Master of Counselling. Varsha understands how having a multidisciplinary approach provides a breath of perspective and ideas to enact social change. Coming from Singapore, a cultural and racial melting pot, Varsha’s passion and drive are framed by her own identity as a female that is part of a minority race. She hopes to continue tapping on her personal, educational and professional experiences to highlight the societal gaps that demand greater awareness and action. Varsha is a firm believer in the domino effect of positive change.

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